Rhode Island Passes New Bill To Expand Gun Confiscation Powers

The Rhode Island General Assembly overwhelming passed a bill that would expand situations in which a person could have their firearms confiscated by the authorities, a measure strongly supported by gun control groups.

The Senate passed the bill by a vote of 55-10 on September 19. It would expand confiscation authority over those with cases of misdemeanor cyberstalking and domestic violence. Rep. Teresa Tanzi, D-Narragansett, sponsor of the measure, issue a statement lauding her colleagues for passing the measure.

“At last, victims of domestic abuse in Rhode Island will not have the constant fear of knowing that the person who abused them still has a gun. We’ve heard countless stories from victims about flagrant threats and ceaseless fear. And we know that the presence of a gun greatly increases the chances of a domestic violence victim being murdered.”

Tanzi’s statement shows a great deal of ignorance, though. A domestic abuser does not need to own a firearm legally to go after his/her significant other or those under their care. Sure, the government can mandate that this person give up their guns if there is such a case against them, but does that guarantee that he/she will not then proceed to attack anyways? No, of course not.

Yet the Left has this idea that legislation will solve every social ill, that if we just pass this law, and that law, and that other law, etc., we can at some point eliminate all of our problems, including crime with firearms. But that’s not an achievable solution, because State decrees can only prevent so much.

Murder and assault are illegal, so what makes these people think that getting a firearm illegally is not on this person’s radar? Or are they just that naive?

This kind of law will simply further erode due process rights for the accused under the guise of protection. In order to deprive someone of life, liberty, or property, there must be due process of law. But under this bill, it will simply put the accused in a situation where their rights are explicitly violated, both Fifth and Second Amendment rights.

A restraining order is not a trial by a jury where one is afforded due process of normal cases against them. Prohibiting them from possessing a firearm because of one of these orders goes beyond what is Constitutionally permissible; only be due process can one’s rights be deprived.

If the Left can’t do gun control and confiscation by en masse door to door searches and confiscations, they’ll do it by increasing the number of things that will cause a person to fall into a prohibited possessor category.

What’s further an issue here is that the law already addresses this issue; adding another law is just ridiculous and is unnecessary. As the Rhode Island Firearm Owners’ League discussed in their statement:

“Although the bill is called the ‘Protect Rhode Island Families Act’ it is not about taking away guns from violent domestic abusers since the current law already does this. However, the bill will take away guns from non-violent misdemeanor domestic violence offenders without a conviction.”

The bill is now heading to Gov. Gina Raimondo’s desk for signature, I anticipate that she will sign it. If so, the bill would take effect immediately.

H/T Guns.com