NFL Is Now One of the Most Divisive Brands in the Country

The National Football League has done it – they have taken the slot of one of the most divisive brand in the United States, in no small part due to the kneeling demonstrations that have taken the sport by storm in the past year.

New polls results show that much of the American population now views the NFL in an unfavorable light, especially after President Trump said that anyone who takes a knee during the national anthem should be fired by their team’s owners.

That was several weeks ago, and as the New York Times reports, since he made those comments, the unfavorability of the League’s brand has gone through the roof, especially among the President’s supporters.

About three weeks ago — before President Trump said that N.F.L. owners should fire players who kneel during the national anthem — Democrats and Republicans held relatively similar views about the league. About 60 percent said they viewed it favorably, while about 20 percent said they viewed it unfavorably, according to daily online surveys conducted by Morning Consult, a polling, media and technology company.

Since Mr. Trump’s remarks, though, many of his supporters have changed their attitudes.

Trump voters are now much more likely to say that they view the N.F.L. negatively, reflecting a sharp change around Sept. 23, when Mr. Trump criticized the players at a speech in Alabama. The views of Hillary Clinton voters have not changed appreciably over the last few weeks.

The trend is certainly not surprising, though. The words of one’s admired leader is likely to affect beliefs and actions. Hopefully not too much, but there certainly will be an effect on those who support that given person.

But the Times notes that the trend follows the “collective filter bubbles,” a trend in which we tend to read only sources that line up with our own points of view. From that kind of news-intake, one is likely to have their opinions reinforced.

So, as a side note, I’d say that you should read stories from other sources, even ones which do not line up with your views. By doing so, you gain an understanding not just of your own side, but also the other. And with that knowledge, you can more effectively counter those opposing views because you understand them.

Anyways, back to the NFL… According to the results of the Morning Consult’s poll, the NFL now ranks as the seventh most divisive brand name in the United States.

Unsurprisingly, the most divisive brand is the Trump company, with a difference of 99 percentage points in net favorability among Democrats and Republicans. Granted, that favorability rating is a really political one, not one really related to hands-on experience with the quality of a product.

Are millions of Americans that polarized over a real estate company that had no political meaning before the Donald announced his candidacy for the Presidency, a company that not many have really directly done business with? Come on, that’s politics right there.

But just like the Trump company, the NFL has also had its ratings affected by political activity. Approval ratings in the NFL were not tanking like this before the political demonstrations started.

Also on that list, ironically, is the New York Times itself (I’m sure the author had that in mind while writing the story). But their ratings have become more polarizing in recent years because of their own constant march towards the Left.

How many of those brands have your approval or disapproval?