Hillary Staffer & Soros-Funded Org Behind Group Coordinating Town Hall Protests


In yet another example of how the Left is refusing to learn the lessons of the 2016 election, it turns out that the protests at Congressional town halls were not merely spontaneous or grassroots. They were organized by major Democratic operatives, and with the help of Left-wing money.

A former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer founded a group that serves as a central hub for information on where Congressional town halls are being held, for the purpose of organizing protestations at the events, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

The Town Hall Project was founded by Jimmy Dahman, a field organizer for the Clinton campaign in Iowa. The group has been used as a reference by many Left-wingers to determine where to go for a good protest. Even the Huffington Post linked to the group’s web page as a source.

People can find events near them by checking the Resistance Recess site, a project of the progressive advocacy group MoveOn.org. The site calls on Americans to hold their representatives accountable for plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and for supporting President Donald Trump.

The Town Hall Project site, run by Democratic-leaning volunteers, has a calendar of town halls and other public appearances beyond this week.

Additionally, the group’s parent company, The Action Network, is located at the same address as one of George Soros’ left-wing organizations. This is the same group that was involved in demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, and against Wal-Mart.

The Free Beacon also noted that United We Dream, one the organizations to which Soros gives money, is also located at this address.

United We Dream has received funding from liberal billionaire George Soros. It began organizing “sanctuary campus” anti-Trump protests shortly after the election.

The Action Network also shares the same address as Change to Win, the labor organizing group.

And who is on the board of directors for the Action Network? The list is telling:

The Action Network’s board of directors includes Mark Fleischman, a former vice president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU); Brian Young, who worked on campaigns for Howard Dean and John Kerry; Jeffrey Dugas, who worked for John Podesta’s Center for American Progress and Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 Senate campaign; and Rich Clayton, who worked for the SEIU and the shareholder activism arm of Change to Win, a labor group that describes itself as a “strategic organizing center.”

Three words: Democrat Establishment Elitists. These are the ones who are organizing the protestations at the town halls.

While the Congressmen are trying to host the events to engage in constructive dialogue, and to serve their constituents, the rabble-rousers have taken to disruption of the peace to “Resist Trump” (Scott Taylor of Virginia was the most recent victim of Leftist hysteria gone wild). And many of these rabble-rousers are not even residents of the districts where they are protesting.

How can these demonstrations be described?

One word: AstroTurf.