John Wayne’s Collection of Historic Firearms is Up For Sale

An upcoming auction in Willoughby, Ohio is set to sell a trove of antique firearms and military memorabilia that’s sure to attract the attention of avid collectors.

Among the items to be featured at the auction include legendary actor John Wayne’s revolver collection, the “Million Dollar Hitler Desk” (the dictator’s personal desk which he used from 1929 until his death), a Nazi doctor’s Mercedes Benz, and two Gatling Guns from the mid 19th century.

Rarely have so many remarkable items been auctioned off at the same location. Gun enthusiasts and collectors are sure to be amazed by the treasures slated to be auctioned off.

Task and Purpose reports:

The 685 lots contain a grab bag of weird historical artifacts — the bizarre oil painting “The Yalta Conference” is the most expensive item on the docket at $200,000, followed closely by the 1936 170V Mercedes Benz Coupe once owned by Nazi SA Doctor Rudolf Beuring — but the auction is especially of note because of its wide array of rare and unusual firearms.

Items of particular interest include an 1877 Bulldog .45-70 Gatling battery gun; an 1862 full-size .50 Gatling gun; an 1851 Colt .36 revolver that belonged to Confederate States Army Gen. John Creed Moore of 2nd Texas Infantry; a rare Colt Single-Action Army .44 nickel revolver, unfired and unused; a beastly U.S. Inland .30 M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine fielded to an American airborne infantry soldier in 1943; a working replica of a .45 ACP Thompson submachine gun; a boxed Colt .375 King Cobra revolver custom engraved with “snake scales,” and a raft of Colt .45 ACP M1911 pistols for those who can’t wait for the Civilian Marksmanship Program sell-off […]

The event, hosted by Milestone Auctions, is set to begin at 10 am on Jan. 27, and while the physical auction will take place in Willoughby, Ohio, you can register and bid online at LiveAuctioneers. And according to Milestone co-founder Chris Sammet, the reaction from gun enthusiasts to the offerings has been “phenomenal.”

“These types of personally owned items simply do not appear at auction, certainly not altogether in one auction,” Sammet told “Collectors of military memorabilia want provenance they can trust, and the provenance that backs this auction’s headliners is ironclad.”

John Wayne’s pair of silver pistols are stenciled with Wayne’s initials and studded with rubies.

The leather double holster is studded with rubies as well, and also contains silver buckles and gold overlay.

From the LiveAuctioneer description:

Wonderful grouping from the John Wayne collection. The lot includes 2 Smith & Wesson matching .38/44 Heavy Duty (fixed sight revolvers). Serial numbers are 39805, MFG. January 1932 and 39111, MFG. February 1932. Both guns includes Smith & Wesson factory letters which indicate the pistols were purchased in Los Angeles for $21.90 each. Both pistols have scarce 5″ barrels with excellent bores. Both retain 98% blue finish and have matching chiseled silver and gold grips with inset rubies. The grips have the initials JW at the top. Both guns cock and lock up tight. The lot includes a hand tooled leather double holster, with silver buckles, and adorned with gold overlay and rubies. There are also a pair of silver spurs with gold floral overlay and a pair of leather stirrups with silver and gold floral panels. An outstanding grouping attributed to the collection of John Wayne.

Potential buyers don’t need to travel to Willoughby, Ohio to participate in the auction. Registration for online bidding can be handled at LiveAuctioneers.