NYT Mag: Silicon Valley Has Been ‘Transformed’ Into ‘Center of Anti-Resistance’

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most anti-Trump of them all?

And the mirror responded, “Silicon Valley.” At least, that is what New York magazine recently reported.

Has Silicon Valley always been the epicenter of political protest and resistance? Not exactly. In fact, quite the opposite.

Silicon Valley has always been tucked away in their little technological bubble in California. There, “current events tend to fade into the background. The Sept. 11 attacks, the Iraq war, the financial crisis, and every recent presidential election occurred, for the tech industry, on some parallel but distant timeline divorced from the everyday business of digitizing the world.”

If that is the case, why is Silicon Valley now the anti-Trump capital of the world? According to Breitbart:

the election of Donald Trump caused many in Silicon Valley to suddenly take notice of the political world, “Then Donald Trump won. In the 17 years I’ve spent covering Silicon Valley, I’ve never seen anything shake the place like his victory,” Manjoo writes. “In the span of a few months, the Valley has been transformed from a politically disengaged company town into a center of anti-Trump resistance and fear.”

“A week after the election, one start-up founder sent me a private message on Twitter: ‘I think it’s worse than I thought,’ he wrote. ‘Originally I thought 18 months. I’ve cut that in half,’” Manjoo recalls. “Until what? ‘Apocalypse. End of the world.’”

This is not the first sign of resistance from the tech world, however. Google “employees and executives previously held rallies at Google offices across the United States in protest of President Trump’s temporary travel halt from nations associated with terrorism,” and, according to Wikileaks, “Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet, expressed interest in acting as ‘head outside advisor’ to the Clinton campaign during the presidential election.”