Student’s Brilliant Response To Gun Control Test Question Is HILARIOUS


Cops Back Down: New Gun Confiscation Policy On Hold — by Robert Gehl:

Without really discussing it with anyone, the police in Honolulu decided to confiscate the firearms of anyone who had a medical marijuana card.

Well, that didn’t go over so well. What happened is the pro-pot and the pro-gun crowd – normally two polar opposites – came together to oppose the idiotic new policy.

Now they’ve decided to “take a step back” and review the rule.

Last month, the Honolulu Police Department sent letters to at least 30 gun owners telling them they had 30 days to surrender their firearms, sell them or transfer ownership of them or face the consequences.

US News reports that the notices sparked backlash from residents, prompting the police review.

The letters dated Nov. 13 stated the person’s ownership of firearms and ammunition was disqualified because of the use of medical marijuana.

Federal law prohibits firearm possession for unlawful users of controlled substances. Pot is classified as a controlled substance under federal law.

The names of Police Chief Susan Ballard and another police official were printed at the bottom of the letters, though only the signature of the other official was on the letter obtained by the newspaper.

Ballard is now reviewing the policy, police said.

Dr. Clifton Otto, an advocate for medical marijuana, said the department cannot justify taking firearms away by citing medical marijuana use as a violation of federal law. Federal scheduling of marijuana does not apply for medical use in Hawaii, he said.

So this begs the question: How did the state of Hawaii know who were the gun owners? Because Hawaii requires gun owners to register their firearms. This illustrates the extreme danger of gun registration. Once the state knows you have it, there’s nothing to keep them from taking it away from you. It doesn’t track crimes or deter any criminal act, it just aides an oppressive state in their confiscation efforts.

As Bearing Arms reports:

If you try to confiscate guns in Texas, Georgia, or Arizona, for example, you’re going to have a bad time. There’s no registration so there’s no telling who owns what. That means you have to go door to door looking for those firearms, and there’s no way that’s going to be popular, even with people who support registration.

But in Hawaii, all they needed to do is to send a letter and tell everyone to turn ’em all in…because they knew where they are.

We’re grateful that Hawaii is going to take a step back in their gun confiscation efforts, but they need to recognize the inherit right to “keep and bear arms” so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

Registration does little to nothing to stop crime, but it does a whole hell of a lot to make it easier for a governmental body to take away people’s guns for whatever reason they manufacture. By being good little subjects and registering your firearms–and I’m not saying to ignore the law, mind you, only that the moment a registration scheme is passed, we all go from citizens to subjects–you do nothing to impact the criminals and everything to give the government authority that our Founding Fathers clearly would have opposed.